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Welcome To "The Goblin Universe"

June 04, 2012

We were really excited to check out the opening of "The Goblin Universe" - a split show featuring Matt Furie and Michelle Devereaux - presented by our friends over at New Image Art Gallery. Matt Furie's monsters range from sexy alien creatures to the crazy rainbow wormhole below. Matt packs an amazing amount of detail into his art. This is an approx scale detail from one of his works. The pictures don't really do the art justice, I highly recommend checking it out in person. However, I have to admit I was most excited to check out Michelle's "Dudes on PIzza" series. From the second I saw the flyer with a "dude" hanging 10 on a slice of pepperoni, gliding across a technocolor Tron background, I couldn't wait to see them in person. There's an odd familiarity inherent in Michelle's work. I feel like I might know the subjects in her work - you probably know someone like this gent too. This gent was staring longingly at the piece, but with a babe floating across a tropical seascape in a donut, I can't say I blame him. The lovely Michelle Devereux in front of our favorite piece. A big thanks to Michelle, Matt and the good folks at New Image for putting on another great show. Its definitely worth going by the gallery if you're in the Hollywood area - the show will be up until July 7th.