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Hipsters with Evolve Bags

We’ve raised the bar for how bags are built and function with the Evolve Collection. Like the same suggests, this is an evolution to bags that are better adapted to current conditions and needs. One is our environment. We're using fully recycled fabrics for both the exterior as well as the interior lining, which leaves a much softer footprint on the planet.

We're also addressing the important topic of hygiene. We've incorporated our anti-microbial technology right into the exterior fabric, so the bags are actively working to resist and repel up to 99% of bacteria, mold, and fungus. The way we look at it, our bags touch a lot of gross stuff. We sanitize our hands, but our bags continue to carry all those germs right into our cars, offices, and homes. So, these bacteria-busting bags couldn’t come at a better time. Make the Evolve Collection your everyday carry and join the progression.