Shauna Wade
is a self-taught photographer based in New York. She was inspired by images she saw on Instagram. Especially dark, mysterious, or moody images. And thus began her entrepreneurial journey. Not only did Shauna put in the hard work to become a skilled photographer, but she also built one of the first, and largest photo hubs on the web - MoodyGrams. Through Shauna's vision and dedication, MoodyGrams has amassed over 1.2 million followers. MoodyGrams selects and showcases the work of photographers from all over the world and keeps with Shauna's love of the mysterious in her selections. Shauna considers herself primarily a travel and landscape photographer and loves traveling around the world to see things and meet people that she could have only dreamed about. She is a Sony Ambassador and has had her work featured by Apple among others. We have known Shauna for many years now. We have seen her creativity grow and flourish and we have seen her business acumen on full display as she built MoodyGrams into the brand that it is today. We are excited to share her thoughts with you in this series and think you will be inspired by her story.

What is Women In Focus all about?

Welcome to our new series, HEX Presents Women In Focus. This series has 5 episodes, each highlighting a different female artist. We get to hear casual and honest conversation about their stories, challenges, successes, and advice on navigating the photography space as a woman. You may already be familiar with some of these women. Others, not so much. What we can tell you is that these women inspire us and women that we are sure will inspire others.

Historically women have largely had roles in front of the camera, rather than behind it. We are excited to bring you this series as an opportunity for meaningful dialog about why this, and to encourage the movement of female photographers who are changing that narrative.

The series consists of short and shareable segments from 5 female creators we admire, including Natalie Amrossi, Shauna Wade, Elise Swopes, Claire Lejeune, and Enkrypt Los Angeles. These women are at varying career stages, and bring their unique energy and aesthetics. We hope to encourage more female creators to know more about the business of photography, and also to grow as artists in their craft.

We hope you will enjoy watching as they lend their voices to encourage others as we keep Women In Focus.

To learn more about Shauna, please visit her website below:

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