Kingy Kings Takes The Raven Backpack For A Spin

November 22, 2016

We are always looking for input and creative feedback.  We think you like to hear perspectives from movers and shakers out doing their thing as well.  So take a look at what Adam King, founder of the popular Insta hub, A Game Of Tones, had to say about our new Raven Medium DSLR Backpack as he put it through its paces.  Enjoy!

I've been using HEX products for close to a year now. Recently, I've teamed up with them to put the Raven Medium DSLR Backpack to the test.

I needed a bag that was lightweight, stylish, and could hold the gear (camera body, 2 lenses, clothing and other items) I planned on bringing. The Raven bag was a perfect match. Everything fit in snug and secure. The classy black fabric gives off a real nice vibe as well. I also really like how the back part unzips and the side tripod holder.

So I hopped on the bus from Pittsburgh to NYC. The drive is about 8 hours so you know what that means, sleep. The Raven bag's back padding made for the perfect pillow! Super comfortable. 

Finally made it to NYC and my mission began. From rooftops to subways to bridges to uptown to downtown, my Hex Raven bag was with me the whole time and I barely even felt the strain in my back. It also flowed well with my outfits and didn't make me look too touristy. Some camera bags are so big and look very suspect when walking around the streets of NYC in today's world, but not this one! When it came to shooting, the process was easy. Put the bag down, open up the back, grab my gear and shoot away. The padding inside the bag is all Velcro so you can rearrange and organize the space to best fit your needs. Makes it real easy for lens changes and so on.

I'd give the Hex's Raven bag a 10 out of 10. It's perfect for everyday shooting and/or travels. I'm sure it'll come in handy when doing other things besides photography.