The Perfect Pair for Different Flairs

July 09, 2023


Photography is not just about having a high-quality camera; it's also about having the right gear to support your craft. Whether you're a professional photographer, a hobbyist, or a travel enthusiast who loves to capture the world in frames, HEX® has got you covered with the Ranger Glacier Camo Camera Mini Sling and the Glacier Camo Cinema Backpack.

HEX® Ranger Camera Mini Sling: Your Compact Companion

The HEX® Ranger Glacier Camo Camera Mini Sling is your perfect go-to bag for super streamlined, on-the-go shooting. With its small, lightweight design, you can effortlessly carry your Mirrorless or smaller DSLR essentials, even fitting DJI Mavic Mini drones.

Constructed in premium, water-resistant 900D Poly, this bag offers a blend of durability and a classy look. Genuine YKK zippers with custom metal pulls guarantee strength and a consistent experience. What's more, it has a faux-fur-lined front pocket, providing a cozy and safe space for your phone or sunglasses.

With its collapsible interior dividers, this mini sling bag offers packability like no other. Pack it flat for travel, and at your destination, fold out the bottom, and voila! You have a structured, protective camera bag, ready for your shooting adventure.


Still undecided? Hear it from the users themselves:

"Just what I needed to carry my Sony a6000 and zhiyun crane m2 for when I go out with the family." - Thomas A.

"This is a great little bag! Fits my Gx85 with extra lenses and all my gear. Great purchase, I will def be purchasing the larger version as well." - Shawn E.

Don't wait too long, shop now and enhance your photography experience!

HEX® Cinema Backpack: Your Trusty Gear for Cinematic Excellence

When you need a bag specifically designed for cinematic gear, look no further than the HEX® Glacier Camo Cinema Backpack. It's deep enough to comfortably fit a Canon 1DX with lens attached, a configuration often challenging for standard bags.

Constructed with water-resistant premium materials, this backpack ensures your gear stays dry and safe. It has padded waist belts for additional lumbar support, helping distribute weight away from your shoulders to your hips and legs.

For your convenience, it provides quick access into the main compartment from the top and side. Also, a separate storage compartment can hold up to a 17" MacBook Pro, and the signature front iPad/tablet pocket keeps your devices easily accessible.

Here's what some happy customers had to say:

"Really really nice bag. 95% thumbs up. I think there are a few improvements needed but finding work arounds." - David M.

"I now have 3 Hex products. This is my first backpack though. After much deliberation and researching every other bag on the planet I came to the conclusion that this was the perfect bag." - Kody V.

Grab the HEX® Glacier Camo Cinema Backpack today and take your cinematic shooting to the next level. Shop now and make it yours!


Both the HEX® Ranger Glacier Camo Camera Mini Sling and the HEX® Glacier Camo Cinema Backpack are designed in California and have a hassle-free return policy. Free shipping is available for US orders over $49. Whether you're shooting around the city or venturing out into nature, HEX® ensures you can focus on capturing the perfect shots while they take care of your gear.