Device Ready - Creativity Empowered

September 22, 2018

Laptop Pocket

One of the things that we have always strived to do was support your productivity and help you get things done more efficiently.  Device Ready became a trademark for HEX and a standard we consistently apply in the design process.

Here's the concept.  We all have tools or equipment that we use in our various fields of interest or occupation - we call them "Devices."  Whether you are an athlete who needs to transport shoes and athletic wear, a photographer with camera gear, or an architect with a computer and tablet, we see the common thread.  

Camera Backpack

Sneaker Duffel

No matter the field, the mind is engaged and creativity is expressed through talent and skill.  That's where we come in to help. Our products are designed to keep you equipped and organized with the devices you need close at hand.  That doesn't just mean a big, cavernous bag where all your gear gets thrown into a deep abyss, never to be seen again.  It means specialized, functional compartments that provide essential, and often overlooked, details to help support you as you live/work/play in your own unique way.

 Surf Tote

Skate Pack

By way of example, some of the features we incorporate into our products are: padded pockets lined in plush faux-fur to really pamper your computers, tablets and phones; separately lined and ventilated sneaker compartments to carry your shoes, but also let them breathe and reduce odor transferral; infinitely configurable camera bags to protect and carry all your photographic gear; insulated cooler pockets to keep drinks cool while you work out; cell phone cases with RFID blocking card slots to minimize identity theft; surfboard carrying straps, hideaway rain flys; skateboard carrying systems; chef knife storage, and on and on and on...

iPhone case wallet

Device Ready

So think about what you need in a bag to help you do what you do.  Then take a look at our product offering and we think you will see a unique attention to detail and function in our products that is second to none.  As we have often said - we're here to serve.  Oh, and we also wrap all that functionality in slim, modern designs that look as good as they perform.