Ghost Writer: Eric Jackson - Journey To Alignment

December 11, 2018

Eric Jackson is a journeyman. He also happens to be one of the best snowboarders on the planet. But Eric has another passion: Fly-Fishing. You may remember a piece he did for us about a fishing trip he took to British Columbia. If you missed it, it definitely worth a look here.
We were blessed to have Eric share some of his thoughts and motivations behind a new project of his called Alignment and you will find those below. Enjoy!

“Alignment" is a word most people can relate to, but what it means to you, or how you find it, probably varies. 
Whether you’re mid-downward dog in a hot yoga class, about to get cracked by your chiropractor, or simply doing something you love, we all have our ways of finding that balance in our lives.

For me, snowboarding and fly fishing for Steelhead are my two favorite things in life. One I get paid to do, the other is pure passion accompanied by a slight addiction.....
I wanted to see what would happen if I could spend an entire winter in northern British Columbia and focus 100% of my energy on fishing and snowboarding, with the goal of finding Alignment between the two.

Sounds awesome right? But so many questions were running through my head:
I’ve never made my own movie; Could I actually make this work? I’ve never spent a whole season in one place before; What if it doesn’t snow? What if there’s no fish? Would I be stressed? 
Then my thought process went to: This has always been a dream of mine; statistically it snows a lot up there and fishing is usually pretty good; It won’t be easy, but we’ll figure it out; It’s gonna be awesome. 

Let’s do this!
So after some serious thought and a year or so of planning, I hired a cinematographer and drove 20 hours north, to search for my own personal Alignment and inspire people to do the same.

Here’s the story of my journey to “Alignment”

-Eric Jackson 
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