Ghost Writer: James Haunt - Too Much Bass

March 19, 2018

James Haunt is one of our favorite local artists.  His talents with a spray can are earning him respect all around the world, and his style is immediately recognizable as his own.  We are glad to count James as one of our friends and he recently went on a little trip to Trinidad and Tobago and gave us this thoughts on his return below.

With a HEX bag packed with spray paint and a couple friends, I took off to the West Indies to take part in one of the largest events in the world; Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

With a rich history beginning in 1783, Carnival in Port of Spain, Trinidad is an exuberant, music-packed celebration where carnival-goers let go of all inhibitions and enter a week-long stint of over-indulgence. From the bass of Soca pumpin' to the celestial sounds of the steel pans, the carnival is full of vibes and explosion of raw Caribbean culture.

No journey is complete without a few bumps int he road; I got pulled off of the plane before takeoff and held up the entire flight of eager carnival-goers because of my paint. The paint got confiscated, but at least they let me keep my HEX bag...all cleared.

After a few days of non-stop bass, the crew jet over to Barbados for some decompression time. While walking along the beach, I was drawn toward a territory of land with a myriad of colors strewn across a number of different wooden structures...we've stumbled upon something super sick.

deAction is a community built by Brian Talma, a world famous wind and kite surfer, based on the mindset of revolutionizing the mind and freeing the soul; which he aptly named organic tourism.

As fate would have it, Brian "deAction man" was there to greet me, we get to talking and within minutes a cross-cultural gathering of art ensues. He lends me a broken kite surfboard and I get to doing my thing.


In keeping with true Bajan style, I donated my remaining art supplies and the painted board to the neighborhood kids, who seem to run the beach.

The trip abounds with a constant flow of color, energy, rhythm and free of all inhibitions; hope the pictures help tell a little of the story!

- James Haunt

For more on James Haunt, check him out on Instagram.