Ghost Writer: Jamie Thomas - Off The Grid

December 29, 2015

Photo: Jeremy Cannon For our second installment of our Ghost Writer series with Jamie Thomas, we wanted to let him, and his mind wander.  As you have already seen, Jamie is a complex, thoughtful and interesting dude.  We wanted to see where his head was at and in the midst of all the business his life brings, we found him thinking about simplicity.  We hope you enjoy these exclusive words and images from Jamie, off the grid. In modern times, it seems as if our phones and or devices are the only things that have our undivided attention. I always look forward to taking a trip or expedition to a remote place where there’s no service and very little contact with the outside world, but there’s always an initial panic that comes with going off the grid. The feeling that someone is going to need to reach you or that you’re not going be able to keep up with Social Media or your emails, but as soon as you surrender and embrace the moment, there’s a feeling of freedom that is absolutely priceless. 

Solo walk through the markets of Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan 

Moment of peace after setting up camp in the Anza Borrego desert 

An american Bison walks his land in Grand Teton National Park 

Canoeist in the waters off Vancouver Island, BC If you're reading this and you feel like life has a firm grip around your neck or if you're at a crossroads and you're not sure what's next, I encourage you to take a moment to step back and plan a get away. Whether it be a long weekend or a whole week, hopefully you'll be able to clear your head and see things more clearly in order to approach those daunting obstacles with a fresh perspective. These photos were all shot while experiencing the freedom of being off the grid.    

- Jamie Thomas Follow Jamie on Instagram

Dylan Gordon free climbs a cave off Halong Bay

Josh Harmony off the beaten path in the Caribou National Forest 

The tinder of the ‘Cat Ba Imperial’ in the desolate waters of Halong Bay

Early morning tent view of K58 south of Rosarito, Mexico

Abandoned logging road in the back woods of Vancouver Island, BC

Exploring the Vietnam countryside with the Roark Revival crew.

A backlit Brian Hansen riding along the Sequoia National Forest

The breathtaking view from our campsite in Pretty Girl Cove, Vancouver Island, BC

A Vietnamese woman prepares for a day of work in the rice fields.

Nate Zoller takes a leap of faith in a Vietnamese Fishing village.

Dylan Gordon admires the beauty of Vancouver Island, BC

Brian Hansen taking a moment to acknowledge the vastness of the Milky Way