Gotham Girl - 30 Blocks with Misshattan

October 10, 2018

New York City.  I always love coming here.  This trip would be no exception since I was getting to do something I really enjoyed – exploring great places with great people.  In this case, I spent some time with Natalie Amrossi, better known as Misshattan.

Natalie is always excellent company.  She draws you in with her enthusiasm for life and her entrepreneurial outlook.  It was this outlook that led her to leave her job in finance and become a photographer, trusting in herself that she could make it happen.  And she has. 

It was a drizzly New York City morning and we were up early after a late-night arrival the night before.  I was relieved that the rain never came, but the clouds hung around.  We met up with Natalie and got ready to hit the pavement.  To see New York with Misshattan is like being with a new kind of celebrity.  People know her.  Not because of TV or movies, but because of her art.  In a city of 8 million people, it makes you stop and think. She is making that kind of mark.

Iconic is such an overused word, but it always seems to actually apply to NYC.  I enjoy the pulse of the place, the architecture, and the pizza.  So we headed out and found our way over to the Flatiron Building, one of those buildings that still holds people’s interest 115 years after it was built.  We caught some impromptu sparring in the park before heading downtown to the World Trade Center and its stunning Oculus Station.  I always say this place shows the ambition of New York that when faced with such a tragedy and a need to rebuild, they didn’t just put new buildings up, they created unbelievable locations through the desire to bring beauty where there once had been destruction. This whole area has an undeniable power. 

Ambition, there’s another word that Natalie embodies.  I mentioned her entrepreneurial spirit.  She tells me about her latest plan, a bit of a jump into the unknown.  She put her beloved place in NYC up for sale and will literally be traveling the world for the next year doing what she loves.  I could feel the excitement as she told me about how she is looking forward to all the people she will meet, friends she will catch up with, food, sights, emotions, etcetera, etcetera.  She clearly recognizes the opportunity as “once in a lifetime”.

Revolutionary also comes to mind.  In an often male-dominated field, she speaks with a clear artistic voice that has people listening.  Not because she is a female photographer, but because she is a talented photographer.  In this capacity, she looks forward to inspiring more women not to only feel at home in front of a camera, but to be just as comfortable behind it. 30 blocks of her city explored, and now we look forward to Misshattan’s next chapter. I have no doubt that wherever she drops in, she will have a positive impact and take us along for the ride through her incredible images. Take a look at the images and make sure to watch the video to get the full story from Natalie, herself.  To see more from Misshattan, check out her Instagram Here.