HEXplore: Oscar Nilsson in Scandanavia

February 06, 2017

We love to live vicariously through our friends and we invite you to do the same.  In this case, Oscar Nilsson, who runs @NoWrongWaySF, was going home to Norway for a visit.  He took his Raven Medium DSLR Backpack along and brought us back this incredible photo journal.   We hope you enjoy his words and images.

Hello everyone, my name is Oscar and I'm a Swedish photographer based out of San Francisco. I'm excited to be sharing some of my winter moments from my recent trip in Norway with you here. I was back with my girlfriend, Isabelle, in Scandinavia over the holidays and decided to take a week long road trip along Norway's coast. We started off in Oslo for a chill first night before we headed south towards the southern tip of Norway.
I spotted some cracks in a frozen lake while driving and decided to fly my drone up.  It resulted in my favorite drone photo to date.
We drove through Stavanger and got up bright and early to hike the 1,982′ high cliff of Preikestolen the next day. You're supposed to see the fjords and mountains from up there, but the day we hiked up we barely saw our hands in front of us. I liked it though.
We kept driving North along Norway's west coast and had to get on countless ferries to cross the fjords, it was truly one of the most amazing drive's I've done. 
We drove about 6-9 hours per day in average so it was always nice to get back to the place we were spending the night. We stayed with various hosts and met a lot of nice people, including this little kitten playing in the snow.
The last venture was out to Beitostølen where we went dog sledding for a full day, truly one of the coolest experiences. The dogs are so strong (and cute) and it was an amazing feeling of freedom to steer your sled with five dogs over the untouched snow, surrounded by mountains.
I truly recommend visiting Norway in winter as well as summer, feel free to let me know if you have any questions - you can find me on Instagram at @oscarwastaken where you also can find more of my work.